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Djs from Mars is an Italian team consisting of two members. The duo comprises of Luca Ventafunk and Max Aqualice. Luca was born on February 29, 1976 and Max was born on August 3, 1979. Dj from mars are famous for their unique Style “Alien electro/bastard pop” .They are known for creating “Mash-ups /remixes/bootlegs /rock ‘n’ roll” from the popular songs and producing EDM. Their creation Snoop Lion ‘No Guns Allowed’ was also chosen as the tune of the year. Since 4 years they have been touring and releasing music. They entered the DJ Mag Top 100.



After the meeting of young producers namely MassimilianoGarino (aka Aqualuce) and Luca EmanueleVentafridda (aka Ventafunk) the project was initiated in 2003 in Bliss Corporation which is an Italian label well-known for Eiffel65 project (in the late 1990s). Before that both of them were producing melodies for the label but with separate names. After some years and numerous tracks together that they created the common project called DjsFrom Mars.



Lady Gaga presented their bootlegs of “Metallica vs Lady Gaga” on a social networking site. Their creations are often featured on YouTube and the “views” touched over the 10 million mark on their their channel and made over 100.000 fans on their Facebook page (May 2012).



The duo formed a few songs “Dirty Mary”, “Non DormoPiù”, and “Don’t Give Up”, receiving right exposures over Italy. With the release of bootlegs and mash-up, the audience were attracted towards them. Their fastidiousness is the skill of mixing real songs to old hit to turn it into an electronic music track. Along with them, DjsFrom Mars unleashed their first single in 2011, entitled “Insane with the singer Fragma.

Dj From Mars


DJ career:

They are famous for wearing cardboard boxes on their heads while performing live. They played at a number of events including Brazil, Canada, USA, Europe, Dominican Republic, and China also in number of night clubs worldwide. The one which was notable was the inaugural for Tiesto in Atlantic City (in March 2011).





Bootzilla: Vol. 2




Alien Nation vol.1

Alien Nation vol.2


Singles & EPs


Welcome To The Darkside – as DjsFrom Mars vs David Puentez

Hardcore Vibes – as DjsFrom Mars vsPicco




Insane (In Da Brain) – as DjsFrom Mars feat. Fragma

Phat Ass Drop (How To Produce A Club Track Today)


Sex Bass & Rock ‘n’ Roll 2k11 – Brooklyn Bounce vsDjsFrom Mars

Can’t Come Home – as PiccovsDjsFrom Mars

QuePasa – as Gabry Ponte + DjsFrom Mars + Bellani&Spada


Luv 2 Like It – as Rico BernasconivsDjsFrom Mars

Club Bizarre – as Brooklyn Bounce vsDjsFrom Mars



Don’t Give Up

Revolution Radio – as dbPurevsDjs From Mars


Who Gives A Fuck About Deejays – (The Dominion)

Dirty Mary (My Name Is)

Saturday Night On The Moon


The Motherfucker – (GreenPark)


Open Sesame – (Movimental)

Kipo Mambo (Mama Made a Disco Groove)


Non DormoPiù – (Bliss Corporation)

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