Wasted Penguinz





Wasted Penguinz


The Wasted Penguinz is a Hardstyle duo belonging from Helsingborg, Sweden. The duo comprises of two entertainers; Jon Brandt-Cederhäll and Pontuz Bergman. The duo is best recognized for “Most euphoric songs in the hardstyle scene. They started creating together in the year 2008, after they met each other on a message board, initially being rivals.



Pontuz and Jon first met up for the very first time in the year 2006. Earlier, they were just in touch through internet. Pontuz projected the idea to see each other for the weekend and create music together. Even till 2008 Pontuz and Jon were unaccompanied artists producing euro dance music. It was later that they then decided to start a duo producing hardstyle music. Pontuz and Jon were greatly inspired by Front liner to produce hardstyle music and the name ‘Wasted Penguinz’ was then coined which came together over to attract massive crowd.




Pontuz and Jon produced a few tracks for the purpose of sending them to some record labels and they received an awesome reaction from Bazz Implant and IMPMusic. They then signed for Bazz Implants and gave two successful releases. This is where the journey began for the Wasted Penguinz.

Two years after the duo was established, the Wasted Penguinz signed a major Dutch label, Scantraxx in the mid of 2010. Their first Scantraxx was revealed on June 18, 2010. This release confined of two tracks, “Anxiety” and “I’m Free” which was released on Scantraxx Silver. Their next release was in October 2010, comprising of the tracks “Resistance” and “Hate Mondayz”.


Wasted Penguinz


All the compositions on both of their Scantraxx releases touched the “Hardstyle Top 100 of 2010″ list from Fear.fm, the times chief radio station dedicated to harder styles of dance music. “Resistance” reached 11th position and “Anxiety” reached 23rd position, “I’m Free” at 37th, and finally “Hate Mondayz” with 49th position. They also collected award for the “Best New Face” from Fear.fm which interviewed the duo, who exposed that they were in interaction with Scantraxx from late 2009.

The image shaped around their music is centred on consuming large volumes of beer, with their tagline being “Get Wasted N’ Do It”.

In the year 2011, they were reserved for three chief Dutch festivals in the midsummer: Intents Festival in Oisterwijk, Defqon, Festival in Q-Base and Biddinghuizen. The summer witnessed many novel releases, all of which were revealed on Scantraxx.

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