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Tiddey is amongst one of the top DJs in the world who is known for “Trance and prog.” as his style. His actual name is Darek Plaza. He was born in 1979. He is a Polish DJ and music producer. In the year 2008, he reached the 81st position in the DJ Mag Top 100, the most respected DJ-State in the world. He was ranked 84th in the year 2013.



Tiddey studied in the Poznan School of Music and then he looked for his future with a guitar. He first came into connection with an electric mixer in the year 2002. What set him different was the first, tremendously successful experience in Poznań clubs.  In March 2002 he jointly entered into the agency namely MDT which created the prime Polish User Profiles like the Sunrise Festival, enTrance or INDEPENDANCE. In 2006 he was certain to develop his own future as a DJ – music producer and he departed from the agency MDT.




He was also called to Australia, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Norway, and South Africa as well as to China because of his energy and sets to blow the viewers crazy. He also played in Polish events like Sunrise Festival 2004-2006, Creamfields Poland 2007, Beach Party 2004/2007, Global Gathering Poland 2008, Nature One Germany, Stadium of Sound, 2007 and Tunnel Electrocity 2008.

Noticing Tiddey’s performance, the agency ID & T decided to invite him to the main musical event called Trance Energy. Tiddey played during the event in the early 2006 where his performance was escorted by Prime Minister. In the very same year his hardwork paid back when he was chosen as the best DJ of the year in Poland.




In December 2007 his single “Taylla “was marked by Armin van Burren, who delivered the song in A State ofTrance, a radio show. October 29, 2008 proved out to be the next big break of his career. He landed on the 81st position in the most respected DJ-State in the world – DJ Mag Top 100. On December 15, 2008 his debut album Tiddeya – “Life goes on …” was released by Sony Music and ProLogic Music.

After a year’s break Tiddey came back with new sounds, “Forbidden City” in Music Enroute as well as “Copacabana Dream” on Spinnin Records. Another new track called “Keep Waiting” was played as Tune of The Week on -A State of Trance. The same track a week later was chosen as FutureFavourite by the listeners.

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