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Joven Grech & Cyprian Cassar more known as Tenishia ,hold their own as the most successful DJ/Producer in Malta. Best known for: “‘Where Do We Begin’or ‘Piano On Demand’.” After the success of their debut album ‘Memory of a Dream’ last year, Maltese trance duo Tenishia flipped their aesthetic coin and in 2013 released ‘Frozen Roads 2′.


Joven Grech & Cyprian Cassar more known as Tenishia took Malta’s clubbing scene by storm in 2005. Winning the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ eight months after their debut in the scene and ‘Best Live Performance’ a few months later, which made Tenishia Malta’s fastest growing act. Winners of ‘Best Dance Tune 2008’ at the Malta Music Awards and signed to the legendary, Armada Records owned by world’s no 1 DJ, Armin Van Buuren, Tenishia made there way up in the International scene, not only to be supported by world’s biggest djs like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren but to feature in World famous radio shows with their mixes and included in best selling CD Compilations like Gatecrasher, Global Gathering, Ministry of Sound and Cream Ibiza!

Currently ranked 65 in the DJ MAG top 100, Tenishia hold their own as the most successful DJ/Producer in Malta, selling arena shows and appearing everywhere from TV to mobile phone adverts.




Success Story

Tenishia’s story started in summer 2004 when Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar joined forces for music production after a long talk about music in a small bar. Joven was already into djing for a few years while Cyprian had a perfect ear for good melodies due to his classical music background of playing the piano and other musical instruments from a very young age. They entered the Maltese club scene officially on the 12th of March 2005, as Tenishia, with a Live PA which reached maximum limit of bookings around the Maltese islands within few weeks for the best local events including MTV Malta. TV, radio stations, internet, magazines and newspapers featured their interviews and information which quickly gained popularity for Malta’s new artists. Loved by the crowd, the duo won the ‘2005 Best Newcomer Award’ just eight months after their debut and another award some months later as ‘ Malta’s Best Live Performance 2005′. Today they have enough local fans to put up their own ‘Tenishia Live’ event that’s sell out the biggest clubs on the island of Malta.

Joven’s Story

Joven Grech has been DJing since 1997, coming from a family with a musical background, starting off his career at a small community radio at the young age of 15. He was introduced to the old LP turntables by a DJ of a teen club, after hanging hours and hours on the DJ booth door admiring the job at a teen club he used to frequent where he got his first club residency. Seeing a great potentiality and enthusiasm, the owner of the club gave Joven his first chance in a proper club that he owned called Reeds, which at the time was one of Malta’s most popular clubs getting a lot of attention by his tender age of 17 years old, Joven was already playing in front of big crowds from week to week, gaining his skills and experience! His ambition for music grew bigger and bolder and it wasn’t long till Joven realized the music production was his next step. No local DJs did any production at the time, and his only way of learning was by himself, starting off with a simple playstation game called ‘Music’!

Cyprian’s Story

Cyprian started playing the piano at the age of 10, is highly educated in the art of music, passing several grades and he is able to play several musical instruments. He started his musical career playing the piano and later joining a rock band writing music, playing synths and guitars. But he found the true love for music after attending his first dance events in Malta at the age of 16, badly inspired by the sound of the golden years of trance! This led him into leaving the musical instruments, experiment his own sound and also building his first studio, starting his first experiments on the good old Rebirth. Self teaching was the only option as there was no one else to learn from in Malta at the time, later on joining Joven creating project Tenishia!

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