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Debbie Valerie Long also known by her middle name Tenashar is typically famous for her mashups totalling over 900 000 views on YouTube with her hit songs featuring Bobby Rock..

The Singaporean starlet is a progressive house, electro house DJ. She is also a model of Spanish and Chinese descent and after having lived a major part of her life in Spain, the girl currently is staying in Hong Kong. Her style varies from electro, trance, and progressive to big room. She is best known for her mash-ups and energetic shows. Tenashar’s ‘Bird of Prey’ was chosen as tune of the year and won millions of hearts with her raging stamina and musical sass.



Her very first roots in playing to a crowd started when she performed as a drummer in a band at six-years-old. It was then after this incident that her passion for performing flared up. She presently lives in Hong Kong but because her grandmother belonged to Spain, she has spent many years in Spain. As Tenashar says being in Ibiza and going mental on soothe, only seemed as a natural progression as per her early clubbing experiences. Tenashar’s aim is set on defying against commercial and premixed pop music. She mentions EDM as her passion and subject of interest.





She is presently placed as The World’s #87 DJ based on DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 for the year 2013.With all this, her works appealed the no.1 most downloaded Podcast on iTunes. Based in Singapore Tenashar has worked the studio as late of she has attracted over 1 Million fans to her Facebook hub and making a world shake up. Being pretty at no.1 on Star count, she also ranked no.5 worldwide in one of Malaysia’s top nightlife websites.



Tenashar’s contribution to the music world is:


  • B.O.P (Bird of prey featuring DJ Bobby Rock)

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