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House producer Steve Angello is the founder of Size Records and a member of the group Swedish HouseMafia. Born Steve Josefsson Fragogiannis in Athens, Greece to a Greek father and a Swedish mother, he grew up and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. He founded Size Records in 2003 and inaugurated the label with the self-billed Simplicity EP. Subsequent releases were also produced by Angello, though often under monikers such as the Sinners, General Moders, and Who’s Who? — the former two also comprised of Sebastian Ingrosso — while latter-day releases would feature other producers such as Luke van Scheppingen (aka Laidback Luke) and Chinedum Nwosu (Innersphere).

Also in 2003, Angello released is full-length solo debut album, Tracks, on the German label Konvex | Konkav. In 2004 he enjoyed his biggest hit to date, “Woz Not Woz,” a collaboration with Eric Prydz for Subliminal Records. A solo release on Subliminal, Acid/Euro, followed a year later.



In 2006 Angello scored an even bigger hit, “Tell Me Why,” this one a collaboration with Axwell as Supermode. The popularity of “Tell Me Why” made 2006 a big year for Angello: a solo release of his, “Teasing Mr. Charlie,” also became a hit, and he was give the opportunity to release full-length CDs via Ministry of Sound (Sessions) and Mixmag (Stadium Electro). Angello’s hit streak continued in 2007 with “Get Dumb,” which, like “Tell Me Why” before it, was released on Data Records, a Ministry of Sound affiliate. Sizeism, a two-CD showcase of the Size Records style, was also released via Ministry of Sound in 2007.

The final shows of the Swedish House Mafia weighed pretty heavily in the life of Steve Angello in the first half of this year. Now that massive chapter of his life has closed, the powerhouse Swede says he’s feeling excited about moving forward as a solo


Steve Angello

Success Story

“It was a really emotional tour and we did so many amazing things together, playing the biggest stadiums and arenas around the world. We went to places I’ve never dreamt of going, and it just got bigger and bigger! But I feel like we did it right by doing a last tour.”

While Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell both struck up a new collaborative project together after the tour’s conclusion, Angello decided to go it alone for a little while. “I´m focused on my solo album, and my label SIZE that turned 10 this year.”

Angello also says he’s missed the house grooves in a lot of main stage EDM this year; the catalyst for the new. “It’s more focused on the roots,” he says. “I still have a great love of the groove, and will always do my best to keep it somewhat close to me.”

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