The Music Project Solar Stone was initiated by three people namely Richard Mowatt, Sam Tierney and Andy Bury in Birmingham in the year 1997. This trio had been into play since 1994 and also they have adopted the alias The Space Kittens. Sam Tierney was first to leave the group. He quit the group in the year 1997 and Andy Bury left this music project because of the dissimilar directions of growthin the year 2006.

Solarstone is best recognised for “Solaris International Radio Show” and The Pure Trance movement”.



Solarstone came up with three singles on UK singles charts. The one which was most successful in 1999 was the single named “Seven Cities”, which touched number 39. The song was one of the first senates of the Balearic Trance and was released again for 3 times. The song gained a lot of popularity and it sold over 500,000 copies.

In the year 2003 and 2004 Solarstone saw a collaboration with Scott Bond and in that duration Solarstone published his new three singles : “Naked Angel”,”Red Line Highway” and “3rd Earth” together. His debut albumwhich was entitled“AnthologyOne” was unleashed in the year 2006 and two years later , the next studio album was released which was named “Rain Stars Eternal.

Solar Stone has also created a number of hit remixes, together with from Matt Darey, Paul Oakenfold and Ferry Corsten.



In the company of the famous DJ Robbie Nelson, Richard Mowatt started producing musicsince 2004 for the Solaris International radio show and for various online radio shows. The show is hosted alternately by Mowatt and Nelson and it contains new remixes and tracks, DJ mix by a guest for half hour and for a noble three years duration, habitually at least a definitive trance track is performed from the late 1990s to the 2000s. The music collection is fetchingprogress and becoming popular by associates of the social network. Solar is influenced and founded by Mowatt through proposals. The 250th episode of the show was out on March 14, 2011.





Remixes (selection) 

  • 2009: Ferry Corsten – Gabriella’s Sky
  • 2008: Radiohead – House of Cards
  • 2004: Filo and Peri pres. Whirlpool – Under the Sun
  • 2004: Sarah McLachlan – World on Fire
  • 2002: Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun
  • 2001: January Johnston – Silent Words
  • 2000: Moonman- Galaxia
  • 2000: Planet Perfecto – Bullet in the Gun 2000
  • 2000: Cygnus X – Orange Theme
  • 1999: Matt Darey – From Russia With Love
  • 1998: Dominion – 11 hours
  • 1997: Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar
  • 1997: Chakra – Home


  • 2012: Pure(2012)
  • 2010: Touchstone(2010)
  • 2008: Rain Stars Eternal(2008)
  • 2006: Anthology One(2006)

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