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Sonny John Moore (born January 15, 1988) is an electronic dance music producerDJ, and singer-songwriter .

He  found club and mainstream stardom beginning in 2008, when he swapped his gig as post-hardcore frontman for From First to Last and created the dancefloor-oriented project Skrillex. He originally used the name for live DJ sets, but in 2009 the project moved into the studio with Skrillex remixing the likes of Lady Gaga(“Bad Romance”) a and Snoop Dogg (“Sensual Seduction”).



In 2010, the self-released digital download EP “My Name Is Skrillex” appeared, combining the Benny Benassi and Deadmau5 styles of electro with the over the top samples and giant noises of acts like the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. Moore would sign with Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label that same year, where he would release his second EP, Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites, along with the club hit “Kill Everybody.” If topping the club charts didn’t prove the producer had arrived, a 2011 appearance on the revived Beavis & Butthead television series did, along with his collaboration with the surviving members of the Doors called “Breakin’ a Sweat.” The recording of the track was captured in the documentary film RE:GENERATION, while the song itself landed on Skrillex’s Bangarang EP, which appeared in early 2012.

Skrillex released “Recess” in March of this year. It features guests including Ragga Twins, Chance The Rapper, Diplo, Passion Pit vocalist Michael Angelakos plus OWSLA stars Kill The Noise, Alvin Risk and Milo & Otis.

He is working on his soundtrack material, this year formulating his brand of abrasive, mind-bending EDM for Harmony Korine’s controversial movie Spring Breakers, and on quite the other side of the coin, penning the track ‘Bug Hunt’ for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph.




Success Story

He is on top of his side project Dog Blood with Boys Noize luminary Alexander Ridha, performing live this year at Glastonbury and the Electric Daisy Carnival, while simultaneously ripping nightclubs a new fire exit with the ‘Middle Finger Pt 2 EP’ and their tempo-confounding mix of Josh Wink’s acidic classic ‘Higher State of Consciousness’.

He is also working on other side project with Blackberry-hawking, ‘Gangnam Style’ remixer Diplo (after the pair worked together on the 2012 Skrillex track ‘Amplifire’).

Signalling his further acceptance into the mainstream, his 2012 ‘Bangarang EP’ scored him two Grammys this year (one for Best Dance Recording and another for Best Dance Album), while his mix of Nero’s ‘Promises’ bagged him Best Remixed Recording.

And yet, we still have no Skrillex album. Could this be the year that he breaks his long-player cherry? “I have a lot of music right now,” he told Radio 1’s Zane Lowe over the summer. “I have more songs than an album, but it really depends how I feel. How I feel at the very last moment, that’s how everything always works. If it feels like an album, it’s an album, if it doesn’t, then it’s just going to be, like, a 10-minute mega-song.”Fair enough. He’s got this far without feeling the need to make anything long-form, so why rush it?

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