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Richard “Richie” Hawtin (born June 4, 1970) in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England who is an English-conceived Canadian electronic performer and DJ who was a persuasive piece of Detroit techno’s second wave of specialists in the early 1990s and a heading example of negligible techno since the mid-1990s.

The work flow of Hawtin also inspired with his brother Matthew, who is a visual artist and ambient music DJ. He started to continue DJ in clubs in Detroit at 17, and his early style was a mix of house music and techno and further he jumps into big industry of EDM.

He is best known for his work under the pseudonym Plastikman and for his ENTER. occasions in Ibiza around the planet. He pursues his works under labels of Plus 8, M-nus and NovaMute.

During his childhood he was introduced to some of music players as Richard’s father was huge fan of electronic music. The man began to DJ in clubs in Detroit at 17, and his early style was a mix of house music and techno.

Richard Hawtin


Main Achievements:

The biggest achievement so far is getting listed on #76 in DJ Mag poll of 100 DJs.

In 2008 the M_nus presents Contakt visit criss-crossed the globe, exhibiting Hawtin, Magda, Troy Pierce and others sticking on remote sound workstations utilizing just out of the plastic new innovation. After two years, at the Time Warp celebration in Mannheim in March 2010 Hawtin disclosed an astounding new Plastikman live show, known as Plastikman 1.5, which happened to visit the globe.

In June 2011 Hawtin worked with Anish Kapoor on an establishment in the Grand Palais in Paris.

In 2012 Hawtin worked with Loco Dice and Ean Golden in pushing Electronic Dance Music on a voyage through North American colleges entitled CNTRL: Beyond EDM, which included music creation courses, lessons in the music business, and unrecorded live music performances.

With his huge achievement on flow the famous Slices magazine releases an arrangement of biographies in 2007 called “Pioneers of Electronic Music“; their first issue was a 60 moment anecdotal narrative on Hawtin. The film takes after his profession from his initial days crossing the outskirt to Detroit to his current life in Berlin, and contains meetings with numerous partners and relatives.


Success Story:

Hawtin is best known for Djing techno sets with using laptop computers and digital mixing equipment. In May 1990 Hawtin and fellow second-waver John Acquaviva successfully founded the Plus 8 record label, which they named after their turntable’s pitch adjusts function.

Having a step in music industry Richard along with Canadian DJ John Acquaviva released his own tracks under the name F.U.S.E in 1990.

Hawtin has recorded music beneath the aliases Plastikman, F.U.S.E., Concept 1, Forcept 1, Circuit Breaker, Robotman, Chrome, Spark, Xenon, R.H.X., Jack Master, Richard Michaels and UP!. He also recorded and performed, in combination with other famous artists of the EDM world.

The guy has put his entire soul to have his tracks on top lists gaining various hits very year. As he said, ““I want to create some special music and a special place for what will be a unique moment in time.”

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