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Randy Wieland was born on May 18 1981 in Zeeland.The three words which describe him are Passion, dedication, perfection. Randy is dedicated and loyal to the hard style. The Dutch hardstyle – djand producer has adopted a stage name Ran-D. He has performed at numerous large festivals, namely at Q-Base, Defqon.1, In Qontrol and Decibel Outdoor. Wieland is associated with Scantraxx Records and shows his compositions’ collection at A2 Recordings. Adding to it, he has worked with Adaro member of the group ‘Gunz 4 Hire’.



Ran-D tries attractive ways to please his crowd in some artistic ways. He comes amongst the public starting as a guest on the same event and he then plays in front of them. As Ran –D says that precise emotion he gives to tracks arises from his own singing and mind. Not only does he create every single line of text, also along with it he sings every word. Ran-D possesses a list of performances in major hardstyle events. To list down a few , Randy has performed at Hard Bass, Qlimax, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Defqon.1 Festival, ,Thrillogy, X-Qlusive, Reverze, Q-BASE, and The Qontinent. At the two of these events, he also played a role as a partner in crime with GunzFor Hire.



An event which turned out to be a blessing in disguise was when once Randy missed his vinyl bag. After one phone call for retrieval, his bag was found to be with the Special Records label owner. It was this event which resulted in giving him a precious chance for his very first release. Soon one of his works reached his greatest ideal: DJ Zatox. His track was greatly admired by him and Out of his hard word he got another release, this one recieved support by the Alpha² and the hero himself. After some time Ran-D received an invitation stating him to release tracks at A² Records.

After Ran –D revealed his two releases we got an golden opportunity that is :a call from Q-dance along with an offer to perform at Qountdown. After some years of home-grown producing and table turning, his own scope got swapped for a full Heineken Music Hall ‘a dream came true’. Thus Music became his passion and his hobby changed into a serious career, with over a decade of experience.





  • The Massacre
  • Enter the Twilight Zone (Q-Base Anthem 2013
  • Rebirth (Official Anthem 2011)
  • Kings of the Underground
  • Struggle for Existence
  • Survivors
  • Son of Torture
  • D-Pressure
  • River of Sound
  • Living For The Moment / Inner Child
  • Say Yeah
  • My Name Is Hardstyle
  • Under attack
  • I Need You
  • Sorrow
  • Inside Our Mind (Fantasy Island Anthem 2013)
  • Never Scared
  • Bolivia
  • hectic
  • #MyWay
  • No Cure
  • Hectic

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