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Project 46 have its triumphant style for which is famously known is “Progressive House”. The group is splendidly continued by its two main pillars Ryan Henderson and Tomas Shaw.

They are indulging in famous record labels with Ultra / Sony, Monstercat, SPINNIN, Manufactured Music, Armada. Their talents of huge surrounding make them at #70 position in DJ Mag’s Poll of 100 Djs.

They are best known for “Pancakes”. The duo’s recent single, “Last Chance,” is collaboration with Kaskade, an internationally known DJ.


Success So Far:

Project 46 had a positive effect on the dynamic house this year, on a fleeting climb that began when their achievement Monstercat release ”Reasons” offering vocals by Andrew Allen went straight past Tiesto to the #1 general spot on beatport.

Living at inverse finishes of the nation has not eased off the consistent stream of preparations from the Project 46 studios, as Ryan and Thomas discover time to post new tracks on their Soundcloud page at any rate week by week. Their reviving blends of firsts, remixes, bootlegs, and mashups have kept fans captivated and drawn enormous backing from devotees over the globe.

Some of famous tracks are:


  • Shadow of the Day
  • No One (Monstercat)
  • Reasons
  • Feel the Fire
  • The Rift
  • People Like Us
  • Miss Atomic Bomb  



Project 46


In a couple of months, and various releases  on SPINNIN and Manufactured Music consolidated with their robust studio yield and visiting calendar earned Project 46 a merited arrangement on the Top 100 Djs rundown, pressing in at #100, joining Richie Hawtin and Deadmau5 as the main Canadians to make this present year’s survey.

Canadians Ryan and Thomas are currently giving fellow countryman Deadmau5 a run for his money as the country’s biggest dance export. While talking with DJ Mag they shared
”Joel brings a lot of attention to electronic music and he’s extremely talented,” they tell “if his music is the first Canadian dance act people hear, we’re OK with that, we would just say he’s Canadian and awesome!”

With having a talk in an interview with magneticmag Ryan told,” We really want to start making more of a presence in Europe. Now that we’ve made a significant mark in the North America, we just want to get over to Tomorrowland, get on the main stage and show them what we can bring. We got in America, India, Asia and Australia, now it’s time to get into the European market.”.

By utilizing the moment of the net to give fans as far and wide as possible access to new tracks, Project 46 are open about the impact that stages. Their tracks can be explored on Soundcloud. They are reaching to 66,000+ followers on Soundcloud and having a stuff of videos on the YouTube.

They both simple tricks to have their music hit which is biggest thing behind their sound, which they usually do not to just stick to one sound. They keep on creating good music with belief of having more and more tracks on the path of huge success. Project 46 focuses on writing good music for their loving fans.

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