Paul Oakenfold



Paul Oakenfold


Paul Oakenfold describes his early life as a “bedroom DJ” in an interview as he grew up listening to The Beatles. When he was 21, he and Ian Paul moved to a place run by Steve Rubell  who allowed only popular people inside. Oakenfold and Paul liked to sneak into such spaces in New York. It was then they met Maze, Bob Marley and Bobby Womack.



Oakenfold’s musical career started after mid1970s, when he began playing soul in a wine bar. It was here that he met Trevor Fung. In 1984, he spent some months in West Harlem( New York). By this time hip-hop was the very popular. He broke the mainstream as he was working as an A&R man under the Champion Records. By that time, he joined the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeffy, as well as Salt-n-Pepa.



In 1987, Oakenfold travelled to Ibiza for a week to celebrate his birthday. He was accompanied by Nicky Holloway, Trevor Fung, Ian Saint Paul, Johnny Walker him and Danny Rampling. That night became a one of the UK’s chief acid house nights, recognized as “Spectrum at Heaven in Charing Cross”. It gained a lot of attention in The Sanctuary. Since a bigger space was essential, it was made the Heaven club, which Oakenfold and Paul ran.

He teamed up with Steve Osborne (his friend) on many projects.


Paul Oakenfold


In 2005, Toyota  contacted Oakenfold to create as promotional CD to promote a new Toyota car.

Oakenfold re-mixed the Transformers’ theme popularly known as “Transformers Cybertron”. He also composed his single for the FIFA Football 2005 video game. His single “Ready Steady Go” was composed for video game Juiced. His next studio album, A Lively Mind was unleashed on 6 June 2006.  He played live at the Boston Pops in 2007.

By October 2007, he revealed his Greatest Hits and his Remixes, Volume 1 which features his best performance tracks.

He released his last single from his last studio album ‘Not Over’ in 2008. The newer version was “Not over Yet”. In mid-July 2008, Oakenfold finished his world tour endorsing his greatest hits album. He also worked with Madonna again in her on her third greatest hits collection Celebration and also on her last release with Warner Bros. Records. On 3 August 2009, the first single titled “Celebration” was released. It was produced by Oakenfold.

Since October 2012, Oakenfold has contributed as a mentor to DJZ, an online home for electronic dance music.

Recently Paul he penned two songs for Cher’s new album called Woman’s World and Collide.

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