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Noisecontrollers is known to be another famous Dutch DJ in the list. It was formed in year 2005 with two of its core limbs as Bas Oskam and Arjan Terpstra. Oskam -the DJ and well known music composer known by its stage name Kasparov. They both are renowned for hard EDM style.



They put their great start in the ending session of year 2005. Arjan delivered hip-jump and Bas was creating hard-trance. They chose to begin delivering hard style together and from that minute Noisecontrollers was conceived with one and only objective: Bringing hard style to a next level.

Noisecontrollers remains for unpleasant beating kicks and bewildering melods. Oskam heard six years old the first time a synthesizer compilation and was mesmerized by it. In 1995 he began as hobby first tracks on his computer to create, but without a tag to send.

This entirely changed Oskam‘s journey 2005, when he became a professional and produced more. At this time some of his were tracks also played at parties.




The combining magical power of their trance makes them positioned at 65 in the DJ MAG 100 DJs list.

In 2006 the response on their composition was so great they decided to start a special live-act which they fired in 2007. Within 1 year they mostly played all through Europe, USA and Australia, on events like X-Qlusive, In Qontrol, Qrime Time, Reverze, HardBass and more.

Some of his famous tracks are E=nc² [ The Science Of Hardstyle], Get Loose ( Tiësto Remix), The Space We Created  and so may including singles as well as remixes.


Success As Far:

Noisecontrollers released their music on Fusion Records, which began with “Animals”. After that they got monstrous reaction on their second release which says containing “Crump”, “Marlboro Man” and “Alliens”. In May 2008 their third discharge is going to be there next venture up. Effectively tremendous backing from all the hardstyle players, this particular flow containing the tracks “Shreek”, “Venom” and “Rushroom” was one of the top rated hard style-arrival of the mid year of 2008.

2009 has recently started and Noisecontrollers is now turning into the most needed act around. With a 4-track discharge anticipated Fusion, delivering the song of praise for In Qontrol in April and one of the principle side-demonstrations of the Fusion of Sound Tour, they will demonstrate that hardstyle hasn’t arrived at its top by a wide margin!

In November 2013 they chose to part up, so that Bas Oskam proceeds with the venture, and Arjan Terpstra left to explore different avenues regarding hard move music.

Their last occasion together was Qlimax 2013, on the 23rd of November 2013. Although their true sensation with trance will remain till end in their mind and soul while continuing at their own stage.

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