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Breaking the mould with an advanced creation streak behind him, Zurich brought Mike Candys appreciates up in the type of dance moves, house and electro house flavors. Winning over fans from individual electronic music pioneers to the individuals who possess the clubs week after week, Michael Kull the full name behind the ability encases irrefutably the in musical flawlessness showcasing simply why he’s dual platinum and five gold artists crosswise over Europe. Lit up in grins in front of an audience and delivers the air, the gatherings won’t ever be the same again!

Apart from the music standing above all he has a distinct but cute ‘trademark’, the yellow smile mask that he always wear at the representing shows. The man seems incomplete with this mask.


His Early Life:

Michael Kull best known has Mike Candys born (21 August 1981) and raised up in Zurich, Switzerland. The guy is having his expertise in DJ, record producer, songwriter and an appreciable music producer as well.

Mike started out producing and remixing for other DJs before leaping from behind the scenes in the late-2000s with a swing of nostalgia-fuelled, sample-laden electro house tunes, made in collaboration with Jack Holiday. Supporting a shining profession as a maker before the DJ spot, Mike Candys brought to life his traditional instrumental authority inside the studio taking shades from W.A. Mozart at first and traversing over a splendid new take from any semblance of Axwell, Nick Romero and Bingo Players.


Achievements as Far:

With the blend of huge success over the planet the guy was lucky to occupy 67th position in DJ MAG top 100 lists of DJ in 2013.

In the year 2008, Mike Candys became extensively recognized in Switzerland with the song “La Serenissima“. In 2009 again the man was gifted with found success after collaborating with Jack Holiday on a remix of the Faithless song “Insomnia“, which occupied the top 10 in various European singles charts.


Mike Candys

Success Story:

As time grows with his success so far Mike had a wonderful opportunities to play his set over Motion and Energy in Switzerland, The White Festival, Temptation and Electric Mountain that have ignited stand out sets alongside fellow artists Axwell, David Guetta.

Mike has initiated remix heaven for Nicky Romero, Manufactured Superstars, Arash featuring Sean Paul, Example, Lil Jon featuring LMFAO and Inna featuring Flo Rida, DJ Antoine, creating the hype around the talent that is well acclaimed. Charted extraordinarily were Insomnia, One Night in Ibiza, 2012 (If The World Would End) and Together Again.

Visiting all through Europe from Russia to Spain Mike Candys hasn’t eased off the beat, arousing swarms who energetically hit the hot spots over the world.

He claims each bit of music. He possesses his profile. Tune in on the grounds that Mike Candys will soon own your senses.

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