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Matt Darey alias Matthew Jonathan Darey was born on 29 November 1968 in Leicester, England. This English trance music producer is also associated with the Lost Tribe. His genres include electronic dance music.  He is recognized for ‘Gamemaster’ (as Lost Tribe) and his work in Euphoria trance series. In 2005, his first foremost US albums, an EP, Point Zero and a double album, Upfront Trance were unleashed. Matt has vended more than two million albums and singles with several top 10 and top 20 chart hits.



Darey often performs his trance at Gatecrasher and Slinky (UK clubs) and through the internet over a monthly show’s ( Digitally Imported) European Trance station. On August 13,2005 he marked his first ever show on Digitally Imported named Nocturnal, which was decided as a weekly show in April 2006.

His single “Beautiful Day” became a house hit in the US which touched the best 25 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music Club Play and reached the Top 20 on the Hot Dance Airplay chart.

Darey possesses a record label, his Products, including releases from himself and forthcoming artists.

Darey composed and produced the raga house track “Rock The Disco” by Orgasmatron, which was revealed on Universal Records in 1997.


2013 has mostly been about creation for Matt Darey. The taented producer of chief room prog sounds lastly took a decision that the time was appropriate to make his debut album, ‘Blossom & Decay’. He also laid stress on his first remix years later making his tag with them in the ‘90s.In the rouse of the album, matt has been discovering a new sound and has dropped in affection with lots of modern deep house. As well as with many more of new remixes, he plans his second album and looks for touring ahead, Matt still works with his weekly Sunrise podcast and recently he has achieved a mark of touching 400 episodes of the show.

Matt Darey




Albums and EPs:

Listed below are thealbums that Darey has released under his name

  • Voice of an Angel EP (2004)
  • Point Zero EP (2005)
  • Decade (2004)Urban Astronauts – EP1 ( 2008)
  •  See The Sun (Remixes) (2009)
  • Blossom & Decay (2012)


Compilation albums:

Some of the compilation albums that Darey has mixed are:

  • Nocturnal 2010 double album  (2010)
  • Nocturnal album ( 2007)
  • Ultimate Trance  (2005)
  • Upfront Trance double album (2005)
  • The Very Best of Euphoria (2002)
  • Pure Euphoria
  • Ibiza Euphoria(1999)

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