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Krewella is an American electronic Dj trio since 2007 from Chicago, Illinois, U.S. The trio comprises of Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf and Kristopher. The three of them grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago and are currently based in Chicago’s West Loop. They released their first full album, ‘Get Wet’ (September 24, 2013) on mega-label Columbia which caused their trio to grow bigger. Their musical genres electro house, techno, drum and bass, hardstyle, dub step, etc. have risen EDM far out of the underground.

Krewella have attained a reputation for crafting party-starting jams. With monster drums and big bass as their instruments, Krewella has garnered ever-expanding heights.

Kristopher says, before Krewella he was playing guitar in metal bands, while Yasmeen was the singer of an indie-rock band and Jahan a choir girl for seven years until the day she met Kris and found her passion for electronic music.


Music Career

Formed in 2007, Krewella’s music career commenced on June 8th 2010, when the three members agreed to give up their schooling and all other goals of lives for a full commitment towards trio’s joint music career. Krewella is embodied with songwriting/vocalist sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf accompanied by producer Kristopher “Rain Man” Trindl.

It was in June 2012 when they released their EP Play Hard. Before that, their single “Killin It” became a breakout hit smashing the dance floors of Krewella’s home city. Their debut album “Get Wet” reserved the Top 10 positions of Billboard’s Hot 200 in its first week. Their single “Live For The Night” made Krewella to team up with producer group Cash Cash.

Their debut record “strobelights” raised Krewella’s level of confidence to a point where they decided they made a right choice in choosing their careers.

Recently in January 2014, the trio collaborated with Electric Family (EDM lifestyle brand) for donation to dance for paralysis, raising $10,000,000 as on February 2014.





Performing across the world, Krewella executed their self-produced music in numerous mega music festivals like Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Stereosonic, Spring Awakening and Paradiso festival. For these performances it acquired performances earned the 2012 International Dance Music Award for “Best Breakthrough Artist”.

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