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Heatbeat was formed in the year 2006 by Agustin Servente and Matias Chavez AKA Matias Faint. It is an Argentinian trance and electro house production duo that has provided a number of hits since their entrance. Their style of music consists of Trance joint with any style varying from electro to techno, dubstep and even trap. Some of the popular works to date are ‘Roses Never Cry’, ‘Paradise Garage’, and ‘Rocker Monster’, ‘Ask the Angels ’, Chow Mein’ and most recent was ‘Game Over’ Their style of Trance is exclusive and identifiable because of the effect of various Spanish-styled note sections into their tracks. The group yields extensive ranges of trance genres, together with electro trance.  As they create various subgenres of trance, the group mixes their newest tracks and bootlegs of existing song hits into their live sets.




During the early ages Servente and Faint grew their interests in the EDM genre. The artists such as Paul van Dyk, The Prodigy and BT became their major source of inspiration and influenced them greatly. Servente and Faint were strong with skills in instruments like the piano, drums and guitar which was the key reason that they began composing at early ages.

Till the time they united, they both possessed enough talents to start producing electronic dance music.




Heatbeat encountered on an Argentinian net forum named Nightclubber where Servente and Faint used to post up undeveloped tunes which they composed. In later years Agustin Servente sent Matias a private message regarding a tune he’d prepared that they met up face-to-face, and emerged with a plan for Heatbeat. And, since the release of ‘Push Over’ (2008) they’ve been attracting massive crowds every time they play.





In the past few years, Heatbeat achieved to get support from various producers and DJs namely Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and many more. Now, they have ascended to the lines of playing side by side with great artists like Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, John O’Callaghan and Ferry Corsten. Their creations and mixes have been and are continuously still being exposed on international electro music broadcasts stations.


The duo is still growing. They have played at great events and popular spaces around the world, such as Armin Van Buuren’s “A State Of Trance” show at various places like Moscow, Ibiza, Miami, Los Angeles and in the most popular clubs of Buenos Aires. In the year 2012, the two finished their first international tour and began their own radio show, and owned two tracks in Beatport’s highest trance song chart. The pair gained support from the major names and labels in EDM as well as they have achieved 81st rank of in DJ Mag’s top 100 as per the records (2012).

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