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An Electrifying DJ of the World

Let’s introduce you with the World’s No.1 DJ, Robbert Van De Corput, better known as Hardwell. He is well-known DJ recorder, producer and remixer. His passion and serious love for house music make him world’s #1 DJ at the age of 25. He is the youngest artist to reach at #1 position and also winner of the coveted top 100 DJ’s award. Hardwell is famous for many live music festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra.



Hardwell was born on 7 January 1988 in Breda, Netherlands. At the age of 12, he started learning DJing. Because of his advance talent, Hardwell was signed to his first Dutch label at the age of 13. After signing this major Dutch label, Hardwell began DJing at all the major clubs across the Netherland.

His remixing debut “Summer Jam” hits the club in 2006. Hardwell’s first international breakthroughgained recognition in 2009 for his “Show me Love vs. Be” and became the most popular hit of 2009. At this point new star in DJ world was born.



Hardwell’s talent is so advanced that he created a new genere of “Big Room House” with very refreshing sound which is created by complex drums ensembles, daring synths and emotive chord. His reputation grows amongst the world’s partygoers and reached at very high level because of this ultimate production.

He was first entered in the DJ’s Magazine Top 100 DJ ranking at No. 24 in 2011. In 2012 edition of the poll, he was at #6 positions. He was being crowned World No.1 DJ in 2013 edition of the poll by defeating Top DJs like Avicii and Armin van Buuren and left everlasting imprint.

He was giving rise to many new generation artists like Dyro, Dannic, Julian Calor and Kill the Buzz. In March 2011, he launched his own radio show and podcasts named Hardwell on Air. This radio show is broadcasted on more than 35 international radio stations and podcast has spot in the iTunes top 10 podcasts in more than 40 countries.



Success Story

2012 has seen much success with his remixes of Rihana’s track “Where have you been” and The Wanted’s “Chasing the sun”. Both these hits were reaching #1 on Billboard’s Dance chart. His biggest track of 2012 was the solo-original song named “Spaceman”. Spaceman was the biggest of Hardwell in 2012 and released in over 25 countries.

In July 2012, he went for his live performance at Tomorrowland and his video has reached over 18 million of views on YouTube. Hardwell said, “With the opportunities of social media today, it’s super easy to be in direct contact with your fans, however it’s impossible to respond to each and every one through Twitter or Facebook. That’s how I came up with this idea, to give my fans the opportunity to ask me their questions and to have the chance to answer them in a fun way!”

He converted his dream into reality and become #1 DJ of the world. His super-heavyweight talent inspires other artists and become an inspiring tale for others. We can be assured that Hardwell’s electronic dance music will drive for years.

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