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Gunz For Hire are a Dutch rawstyle duo consisting of the DJs Adaro and Ran-D . After collaborating in 2009, the pair decided to form a duo in 2011, particuarly focusing on the rawstyle genre.

They are currently signed under Scantraxx Records and  A² Records .

Gunz for Hire introduced themselves last summer with a stunning live-act on Decibel 2011. The crowd went completely crazy. A better introduction to the scene is almost inconceivable. After this memorable performance, Gunz for Hire is continuously popular. The act – consisting of Ran-D and Adaro – also performed during Thrillogy and Qlimax.


Gunz for Hire



Tracks like Put it On, Kings of the Underground, Sorrow, The Cycle and De Weg Kwijt ensured Gunz for Hire, in every performance, a frenzied crowd. The recognizable raw sounds and hard kicks bring every performance to an incredible climax. The members of Gunz for Hire, dressed in suits and masks have proved themselves to be a valuable addition to the hardstyle scene in half a year.

– Gunz for Hire feat. Ellie – Sorrow is chosen as the No1 Hardstyle track of 2011 in The Magic Show Top 100 of 2011.
– Gunz For Hire wins award ‘Best New Face’ Hard Dance Awards 2012
– Gunz For Hire voted as #114 in the DJ Mag Top 100 2012
– Gunz For Hire voted as #63 in the DJ Mag Top 100 2013


Success Story

In early 2011 an underground alliance was formed in the shadows. Two colossal hardstyle assassins with an unmatchable, intrinsic passion for music joined forces and fused together years of sonic creation. The collaboration resulted in a sound unlike anything heard before: dark, hard, and unquestionably raw. At events up and down the country, frantic scenes have been witnessed due to hardstyle-fanatics freaking out as they suffer audio-overload at the hands of our two sound assassins. Tracks such as, ‘Gangsters Don’t Dance’, ‘Put It On’, and ‘Evolution Complete’ have been causing scene of furious excitement on dance floors across Europe and beyond. Social media sites have been ablaze with rumours, questions, and theories as to the identity of those responsible. Now is the time to step from the shadows. Now is the time to unleash upon the world an unstoppable force. Now is the time for Scantraxx Recordz and A² Records to announce ‘Gunz For Hire’

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