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Gareth Emery, also known as GTR, Cupa, Digital Blues, Rue de Gar, and Runaway, is an English DJ and producer with an open-minded and fuss-free approach to spinning and producing several styles of electronic dance music. Known overground since 2002, when his remix of the Shrink’s “Nervous Breakdown” was aired on BBC Radio 1, he made more of a name for himself later in the year with his own “Mistral,” released on his and Alexis Hooper’s Five AM label under the name GTR. The Five AM Sessions (2005) was the first of his several commercial mix albums. He also released the production albums Northern Lights (2010) and Drive (2014) on his own Garuda label.



The rise of Gareth Emery to dance music’s premier league has been untraditional in almost every sense, and looking at his career, one gets the feeling he almost likes being the underdog. In 2009, when he was advised against launching his Garuda club night in the midst of one of the harshest recessions in living memory, he went ahead regardless, going on to totally sell-out every Garuda party that year. He also chose the road less travelled in 2006, when he turned down numerous offers from established radio stations to instead experiment with a virtually unknown format known as podcasting. It was a gamble that paid off, as four years and 100 episodes later, The Gareth Emery Podcast is now one of the most popular and influential dance music downloads in the world, with Emery’s famously diverse track selection and charismatic broadcasting style resulting in TGEP being nominated for ‘Best Podcast’ at the Miami Winter Music Conference IDMA Awards three years running.


Gareth Emery

Success Story

With a list of achievements already far surpassing most DJs ten years his senior, Gareth Emery could easily sit back and be content with his lot, but you get the feeling that won’t be happening. After seeing his Garuda brand become the hottest label and club night launch in recent years (the quantity of Garuda t-shirts you now see at Emery gigs is testament to that), his plans for the next year are firmly rooted in the studio, where he’s determined to finally finish his long-anticipated artist album. “2009 was really all about Garuda. I started the year without a real home for my music, and now I’ve got one – as well as our Manchester residency which really was the surprise success of the year. But whilst Garuda has some amazing releases and nights lined up for 2010, for me, the next year’s all about finishing my album. I’ve been promising it since 2006, and whilst making a LP is undoubtably challenging when you spend half of your life abroad touring, I’m determined to put everything aside to finally nail it this year”.

At just 29, Gareth Emery’s well on the way to conquering the electronic music world, and if he finally cracks that artist album, he might just do it. Whatever happens though, 2010’s set to be a big one, as the worldwide Garuda massive eagerly await to see what’s coming next from this uniquely talented artist. We can’t wait – see you on the dancefloor.

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