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Ferry Corsten(born on December 4, 1973) is a Dutch DJ, remixer and producer of electronic dance music. Known as System F, Ferr, Moonman, Skywalker, etc., Ferry also hosts his own weekly radio show, Corsten’s Countdown. He performs at events all over the world with crowds in excess of tens of thousands.


1999 Before

Born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Ferry released his first record at the age of sixteen. His teenage was spent washing cars and selling mix tapes in order to save money to buy his first keyboard. Eventually he began releasing self-made productions while he grew up in Rotterdam in the 1990s, transforming underground hardcore gabber tracks into club house and trance music.

Ferry Corsten was studying to become an Electrical Engineer, so he went to the Technical Training School and after that Higher Technical Education.



Major Releases

Year 1999 saw three major releases including solo project System F, followed by Out of The Blue and Cry which became hit on dance floors all over the world. The next single was entitled “Walhalla” after which he was elected as producer of the year at the Ericsson Muzik Award in London. Subsequently in year 2000 “tenshi” was released followed by the Dance Valley Anthem which became the largest selling theme of Dance Valley and the largest event of The Netherlands.



In 2003, his first album Right Of Way which was nominated in the TMF Dutch MTV Awards in Netherlands.

In 2004, he produced and performed the single “Everything Goes” for the TMF Dutch Awards.

In 2005, Ferry released his concept of second artist album L.E.F. all over the world that brought him at number 5 in the DJ MAG Top 100. It was followed by another single Junk released in 2006.

Ferry Corsten


Success Story

On 4 July, 2007, Corsten launched his weekly radio show titled “Corsten’s Countdown” which is an interactive “countdown” styled show. Year 2007 saw release of major singles like “Beautiful” and “The Race” and the produce of 1st official anthem for Bavaria City Racing.

Ferry Corsten’s third album, Twice in a Blue Moon, was released in 2008.

In 2009 Ferry Corsten released two singles: “We Belong” from the album Twice in A Blue Moon and “Made of Love” from the album Twice In A Blue Moon followed by Once Upon a Time released in March 30,2010.

In May 2012, Ferry Corsten launched a new monthly mixshow titled “FERRY’S FIX.” This show was different from Corsten’s Coutndown in the sense that it is a monthly mix show with straightforward DJ mix.

Awards and Nominations

Year Contribution Award
1999 Trance Nation 1 Gold sales award
1999 Trance Nation 2 Gold sales award
1999 Trance Nation 3 Gold sales award
1999 Trance Nation 4 Gold sales award
1999 System F Gold sales award
1999 Gouryella Gold sales award
2000 Gouryella – Walhalla Gold sales award
2000 Ferry Corsten – Cry Gold sales award
2000 Veracocha – Carte Blanche Gold sales award
2000 Best producer of the year Dancestar Award
2001 System F- dance valley theme Gold Sales award
2001 Trance Nation 2001 Silver Sales Award
2002 Punk Gold Sales Award
2003 Rock Your Body Rock BG Magazine Dance Awards
2007 Best Trance DJ Ibiza
2007 SLAM!FM DJ of the Year

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