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Felguk is the stage name of the Jewish-Brazilian Djs and music maker named Felipe Lozinsky (born February 12, 1986) and Gustavo Rozenthal (born on February 26, 1982). They basically started with their music journey from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Felguk started their engraving, Dongle Records, in 2011, where they have released two of their singles ‘Blow Out’ and ‘Jack It,’ and will have an alternate EP titled “Bassive” got out on Beatport on November 22.

In October 2011, Felguk was voted #87 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Djs survey and #90 in the same graph, in 2012.

With the huge achievement so far due to the outstanding performance by the members they once again able to catch up with #78 in Dj Mag poll in year 2013.




Success Tale:

The guys performed – and had their single “2nite” as the track for the authority trailer – at the move music celebration Electric Daisy Carnival 2010. Later that year they played at Nocturnal Festival 2010, and crested at #2 in Beatport with their remix of the 2007 move hit “Exceeder”. Felguk have likewise remixed Madonna’s 2009 single, “Celebration”,Flo Rida offering David Guetta “Club Can’t Handle Me”,and The Black Eyed Peas “The Time Dirty Bit”.

Likewise in 2012 the couple was by and by picked by Madonna to open the shows of the visit MDNA in Brazil.

With steps of success the guys Felipe and Gustavo had been tripped with their biggest production configuration so far. A 10-person crew with eye-widening lights and super-duper effects has been carried to the likes of Tomorrowland, Lolapalooza and Rock In Rio, where they eye witnessed a heavy metal crowd head banging to their electronic beats.

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