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A Dutch-born DJ, Fedde Le Grand (born in Utrecht in 1977) is best known for hitting the top of the U.K. charts with the 2006 single “Put Your Hands Up for Detroit.” A DJ since his teenage years, Le Grand is also known for his production and remix work, adding his singular touch to tracks by artists such as Sharam, Freeform Five, Tall Paul, Pete Tong, Ida Corr, and Robbie Williams.

Along with his music and touring — he has performed in all corners of Europe, as well as Oceana, North America, and China, Le Grand has also been involved in the development and business end of the industry, starting the Flamingo Recordings label with Raf Jansen and Funkerman in 2004.


In 2007, Le Grand and his label also started the club night Flamingo Nights in Amsterdam. The following year, he released the album Flamingo Nights, Vol. One: Ibiza. In 2009, he returned with Output. In 2011, Le Grande paired with DJ Markus Schulz for Be at Space. In 2012 and 2013, he kept busy releasing a handful of singles including “So Much Love,” “Sparks,”“RAW,”No Good,” and “Where We Belong.”

Fedd Le Grand


Success Story

“DJing is taking everyone on a journey, through sound, where you control the adventure, you control the vibe and flow and pace of the story, you’re the one that gets to pick where you all go next.”

Fedde Le Grand’s view of his job is a traditional one and his continuing popularity proves that many dance fans around the world enjoy his particular brand of storytelling.With 2013 being a year where he has been “super productive, I feel as if everything lined up this year to fall into place, where everything’s finally working the way I want it to”, Fedde promises that he has so many new tracks to share that “it’s scary, 2014 is going to be absolutely full-on with the music”.

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