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Zatox (Gerardo Roschini) is an Italian hardstyle producer and DJ. Born on November 17, 1975, he is basically from Tivoli, Italy.  He has been producing under various aliasessuch as Ironblood, Machine Head, Supaboyz, Smashing Guys, Tat & Zat (a collaboration with Tatanka ), Wild Motherfuckers (a collaboration with Tatanka ),Zairon since the year 2002.

Initially he worked under the label Wicked Records, later on switching to Italian Hardstyle and Unite Records. He is best known for: “Being a wild motherfucker, And probably my cap” and “Zatox & Villain Action” being the tune of the year.



Music Production

Gerardo Roschini is one of the new masters of Italian Hardstyle. He came up with the album Qlimax 2011 in the year 2011 and single My Life in 2012 that ranked in the Flemish UltraTop 200 albums and Flemish UltraTop 50 respectively.

Other releases and Extended Plays comprise of Diabolika, I’m Techno, Eternity Life, Do Not Stop, Jako, Shuttafuck, Control Your Body, Big Bang, all in early 2000s racking up countless air-miles across the globe.

After such huge hits, Zatox didn’t prostrate in giving another set of blockbusters in 2005 and after. These include Revolver, Phenomena, Micro Check, Radio Alarm, Scanner, I love Hardstyle , Deep Into Your Soul, Winter, It Must Be, My Life, Fuck U Up, You Make The Change among other numerous hits.





Zatox also made several remixes under different aliases such as in years 2003 and 2004 he came up with Tube, Better Dayz and Maphia. Years 2005 and 2006 saw releases of Do Not Move, Insane, Freestyle, Killa Shot, The Prophecy, United Force, Postal, Give Me All Your Money etc.

Further, he produced other remixes like Lost In Dreams, Weapon, Bringing The Funk in years 2008, 2009 and 2011 respectively.


More About Zatox

Besides entering the Top 100 again and spending the last 12 months racking up countless air-miles across the globe, but the most significant moment for Zatox over the past year was when he became a father, he claims.

He also launched his new imprint Unite , a record label and a platform for upcoming artists.

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