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DJ Omnia


Evgeny Smirnov (aka omnia) is a DJ and musicin by profession from Donetsk, Ukraine. He is one of the upcoming progressive trance producers. Being blessed with the support of DJ elite he is on his way to skyrocketing success High goals and determination are the key words to the Ukrainian musician. Born on May 18, 1987, Omni has been producing trance and progressive music since 2008 and since when he has been having a huge army of fans.

He is best known for original tracks, remixes and shows.


Career Beginning

Evgeny’s late teens saw experiment with music production with a particular love of trance influenced by many genres. He started as a young boy in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when he was self taught in the studio. At the end of 2006, when he was only 20 years old, he started focusing on creating his own quality tracks, loving and exploring the beauty of different genres.  Having been his sound a peculiar fringe, Omnia’s productions started acquiring stardom beyond the boundaries of his country. His early releases included a remix of Arty & Mat Zo ‘Rebound’ in the year 2011.

Discovering Trance music expanded his way to success and it was after this when Evgeny knew which path to follow.


Major Releases

In April 2012, Omnia produced one of the biggest tracks of the year “The Fusion” across all dance genres, hitting #1 in the Trance chart and securing among Top 50 positions for over six months. His enormous remixed and singles include “Halo”, “Infina”, “Hearts Connected”, “Bang The Drum” all in 2012 leaving the EDM community mesmerized.

In 2013, Omnia further showcased blockbusters which include ‘The Light’ and ‘Immersion’, a remix of Ronski Speed, ‘Rise Again’, ‘Bones’, etc. These hits set a milestone for the EDM society along with an ever-booming demand for Omnia singles.


Fests and Clubs

Being synthesizer, computer and sampler as his instruments, Omnia has had his performances in Global Gathering UK & Ukraine, Ultra Argentina, A State of Trance 600 Holland, Trancefusion Czech Republic, Summadayze, Zouk, Papaya, Privilege, Eden, Ageha and Ellui and still counting.

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