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Background Information

Clyde Sergio Narain (Chuckie) is a DJ, entertainer, artist and producer from Paramaribo, Suriname, who started producing since 1993. Born on 25th June, 1978, Chuckie resides in Aruba with his wife, daughter and son. As said by him, his biggest source of inspiration is his place of birth. Chuckie has been the originator of “dirty house” scene that focused urban club events.

Ambitious, full of enthusiasm, hard working and passionate about music are some among many qualities that he possess. Even now, he continues to surprise the crowd with his splendid style.




Music Production

His love for electronic music started growing when he moved to Europe at the age of seven. It started with collecting music from pirate radio and TV. Dj Chuckie got exposed to the art of Dj-ing at the age of 14 when he learned “beat synchronizing”. Since then, practicing every day and every night made him what he is today. His leading mixing styles and unbeatable compliment to Dutch dance industry paid him with a warm welcome from the international-dance scene.

His role as an entertainer started when Dj Chuckie decided to start his own record/publishing company. His genres electro house, dutch house, rave boast high pitched lead synthesizers over Latin-inspired rhythms and samples. He has releases on the world’s top record labels such as Ministry of Sound.

DJ Chuckie has been many times described as “The King Of Mixing” and has been warmly welcomed by numerous events and clubs.



His hits include “Let the Bass Kick In Miami Bitch,” “Aftershock,” and “Make Some Noise” that brought him huge success. Chuckie has also remixed songs for Michael Jackson (Hollywood Tonight), David Guetta (One Love, Sexy Bitch, Everytime We Touch, etc.), Albert Neve (Commander) among others.

Other crowd-pullers of Chuckie include “Move It 2 The Drum”(2010), “What Happens in Vegas”(2011), “Who Is Ready To Jump”(2011), “Together”(2012), “Electrodude”(2012), “Breaking Up”(2012), and so forth.

Chuckie’s non-album singles cover “Down To This”, “Making Papers”, “Skydive” in 2013 followed by “Dirty Funkin Beats” in 2014.

Chuckie produced hit album Crunk Rock in 2010 followed by Revolver and Electro Heart in years 2011 and 2012 repectively.

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