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Da Tweekaz


Da Tweekaz is a Norwegian duo famous for hardstyle production/DJ.  It has Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli as its members. They presently release their compositions at the Belgian record label Dirty Workz.




The pair met at a party where Kenth Kvien & Marcus Nordli, both were DJing in the year 2003. They then began to go to hardstyle raves together. Their mutual passion was for Manami Matsumae’s music .One of them composed the track for 1980s NES computer game series Mega Man which drove them to produce in a company. After few years, in 2012 they exposed their debut album entitled ‘Time To Shine’.



Before they entered the hardstyle scene, the early life of Kenth Kvien & Marcus Nordli included making other types of hard dance music. They finally released “Angeli Domini” on Spider Records. Their first release included major hardstyle label Dirty Workz in the year 2010.


Da Tweekaz



By the year 2012, the duo relocated from their previous home in Holland to the Netherlands for a short duration, for the purpose of avoiding flying up and down to perform in many festivals in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Kenth Kvien & Marcus Nordli by then promoted their album, known as “Time 2 Shine” which was released on October 8 2012.

The very same year  Da Tweekaz decided to move to Belgium permanently reason being all the festivals and events which were held in Belgium and The Netherlands.

From the beginning of the year 2014 they’re releasing one Track per month. Each of these releases were released on the 1st day of the the running month. This stroke is fragment of the #tweekay14.




The major contribution of the band in the music industry is listed below:

2008 – The Past/Da Bomba

2008 – Angeli Domini

2009 – Bit By Bit EP, Inferno (Summer Angel 2009 Anthem)


2010 – Daydre4m/Very Nice, DNA EP, Examination of Time EP


2011 – People Against Porn EP


2012 – Time 2 Shine

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