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With a huge love and madness for the piece of music and bass, the two very famed DJ Diederik Bakker and Stefan den Daas known to be D-Block & S-te-Fan.

They are having their roots in Den Haag, Netherlands performing in genre as Hardstyle and Dubstyle.

The two of DJs are enjoying with their current ranking as #72 in Dj Mag survey among 100 DJs. They had worked under various labels as Danamite (2005-2006), Next Chapter (2006-2007), and at present their tracks are released under Scantraxx Evolutionz.



Career Acceptance:

Both of them met one another in 2004, Bakker and Daas had their very first releases as D-Block & S-te-Fan in 2005. D-Block & S-te-Fan had a series of distinct recordings on different labels before signing for Scantraxx and propelling their own particular sub label, Scantraxx Evolutionz, on which they keep on releasing as of 2014.

Being working together they started touching their musical love to a superior level. They both had decent success as solo artists but after they started working together as a team, things went fast.

Over their vocation, D-Block & S-te-Fan have performed at a portion of the greatest Hardstyle & Dance occasions on the planet including, Thrillogy, Qlimax, Mysteryland, Decibel and in 2011 facilitated their own particular X-Qlusive.

Just after the start of DBSTF, they were receiving bookings on various hit shows so far. They were also chosen to do Xqlusive 2011 with Q-Dance, which sold out 7,500 tickets in near about 4 weeks. Bakker grew up with his father delivering electronic music, which permitted him to learn musical aptitudes ahead of schedule in his childhood. Daas impulse originates from Happy Hardcore.

Indeed aside from scene advancements, D-Block & S-Te-Fan have experienced extraordinary accomplishment in 2013, racking up 35 celebration appearances, an Australian visit and all the more live shows than ever, close by new discharges, for example, the profoundly melodic — yet as of now pounding — ‘From the Hard’.



The pair will, as ever, keep on using their music to strengthen the class they adore, pointing, they say, to make a scene, in which everybody who cherishes this music has a city or club adjacent that they can visit to hear hardstyle. This sort of music is there to move to and hear at great loudness which will give a feel of true music. Some of their widespread tracks include of:

  • Ride With Uz
  • Evolutionz
  • Sound of Thunder
  • Together
  • Supernova
  • Loop Machine
  • Shallow Planet
  • Rockin Ur Mind

They believe in people’s saying what they love and want to listen from the Djs which will feel value for their hearings as well as admiration for their famous guy who is playing on the other side of stage.

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