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Carl Cox was born on 29 July 1962 (age 52), he is from Oldham, Lancashire, England he majorly follows the style of techno house he is a techno dj and producer, he is best known for his “rocking the dance floor.” A professional dj since his early teens. A musical ambassador and a veteran of acid house and a champion of techno – you name it, Carl’s been there and done it, never losing sight of his passions – playing music, breaking tunes and celebrating life.  He has made his way along and his tune of the year was “finder ‘9 toes’.”He is a believer of quality of work and the work that he likes, money doesn’t matter to him, it hardly matters to him that how others get paid.


The journey

Cox started his profession as a hardcore/rave dj in the mid-1980s. The eclipse, edge, shelly’s, sterns nightclub, heaven, sir henry’s in cork, Ireland and angels and the hacienda are few clubs in which he has performed, and in addition raves for fantasia, dreamscape, and NASA and amnesia house.  Two record names. Every year he has his own stage at ultra music festival, tomorrow land, and electric daisy carnival called Carl Cox and friends in the mid- to late 1990s he ran ultimate base at the now defunct velvet underground on charing cross road . In Sydney he has performed millennium (1999 to 2000) New Year’s eve and also in Hawaii after going there over the international date.

Even on air he was doing his best , he had shows on kiss fm and was a monthly live also global resident for BBC radio one’s essential mix in 1998–99, as well as over a decade’s worth of Ibiza live mixes broadcast from club mag compensates for lost time with Carl Cox as he flies back from yet an exchange summer in Ibiza, he was asked that is it still within the move music world, and he replied a yes and added that he would suggest that it is a staggering basic bit of a basic logbook and all the promoters all over go on so this makes it to a great extent requisite . Following he said that he wasn’t sure that such a centralized capacity on one spot for three month. He also said that as a firm establishment in the top 100 study Carl has a chart progressing scene that moderately few others can claim to give, so does he accept that move music still has a forefront.



2013 saw the re-launch of Carl’s seminal pure Intec series, 9 years after the hugely successful original ‘pure Intec.’ ‘pure Intec two’ was released in April, with part 1 mixed by Carl Cox and part 2, by dj and Intec boss Jon rundell and coincided with the launch of a new series of Intec club nights, with Carl playing a sold out xoyo in east London.

Carl Cox


Carl’s exemplary releases includes his 1995 mix, “f.a.c.t,” which turned into a techno benchmark, offering in excess of 250,000 duplicates, and the 1996 ep ‘two paintings and a drum,’ which again broke the British main 30. Close by Carl’s ‘ultimate music management’ organization, which checked josh wink and Laurent garnier among 27 customers, there was the ultimatum record mark, for which Carl recorded his third main 30 UK single, ‘sensual sophis-ti-cat.’ in 2005, Carl’s third collection, ‘the second sign’ drummed up some excitement crosswise over Europe and arrived at number 3 in Spain’s national grand. Likewise picking up basic approval was speaker freakier ‘grimy bass,’ a coordinated effort with Christian smith, and the offbeat ‘give me your love’, both released on 23rd century records an outlet for his own burgeoning production output.

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