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Bob Sinclar
Bob Sinclar is a French house music DJ, record producer, and remixer. He is the owner of the label Yellow Productions. He was born Christophe Le Friant on10th May 1969. He is best known for “His amazing body.” His song ‘Summer Moonlight’ was also chosen as the tune of the year.

He rapidly rose to be recognised on the back of his 1998 co-production together sampling ‘Gym Tonic’. His first release was “Paradise” which still rules hearts of his fans. His second album followed by “Paradise” was Bob followed ‘Champs Elysees’ and from that classics he cemented his position as one of the leading DJs.



He is recognized for spreading the “French touch” of house music with substantial use of sampled and sieved disco strings. He defines his melodic style to be encouraged by “peace, love, and house-music”. Numerous of his sound tracks have become worldwide hits, being mainly famous in Europe. Some of his best and the most liked hits include “World Hold On” with Steve Edwards and “Love Generation” together with Gary Pine. By the year 2006 Bob Sinclar was honoured by the TMF Award for Best Dance International at Belgium.

In November, 2010 Bob released his collaboration, with the world’s popular dance hall star, Sean Paul.

2013 proved out to be another firm year for even for Bob Sinclar. As he says apart from the mega hits years, 2013 remained as one of his best years in terms of clubbing.

Bob Sinclar




Some of the major contributions of Bob Sinclar to the music industry are listed below:

Studio albums

  • 2013 Paris By Night (A Parisian Musical Experience)
  • 2012 Disco Crash
  • 2009 Born in 69
  • 2006 Western Dream
  • 2003 III
  • 2000 Champs Elysées
  • 1998 Paradise


Remix albums

  • 2010 Made in Jamaica


Compilation albums

  • 2011 Knights of The Playboy Mansion
  • 2010 The Best Of
  • 2007 Bob Sinclar: Live at the Playboy Mansion
  • 2007 Soundz of Freedom
  • 2005 In The House (Various Artists Mix CD)
  • 2005 In The House (Various Artists Mix CD)

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