Know about BL3ND




BL3ND – The name itself reminds of the word “raging”. He is famous for BL3ND energy. He is the US sensation which is soon to disrupt onto European coasts.



This person is popular with the name of DJ BL3ND. DJ BL3ND was born in Texas on third day of November and currently he is 21 years in age. He belongs from a Mexican background and presently he is living in California. His name is a mystery and as everyone says it seems to be strange because he hasn’t revealed it yet.


His Style:

Usually he plays and likes to remain in his area of comfort that is electronic music and his style is house/dance and club remixes.
He is a crowd surfing lover and also he likes to shower his water gun at his crowd. His shows leave some classic memories to be rejoiced by the fans as he rocks the night to his best.


The Mask:

He puts on a mask as he wants to stand out of the crowd just like deadmau5 and Daft Punk became renowned and just expected popularity is by standing out.





The past few years has seen him turning from bedroom DJ to smash hit sensation.  By posting his dancing videos on YouTube, BL3ND got a wide attention. His videos quickly went viral and were liked by numbers of his fans. In a short span of less than three years, BL3ND has developed as a unique story which can be named as “do-it-yourself” success. The total number of views on his Youtube channel were 238 271 890 and still counting. He has received huge number of views (66543454) on his first video.



He is a well-known DJ who has composed music which is liked by worldwide lovers of house music. His name is popular in parts of America as he plays in Clubs as well as Raves. By this time DJ Blend is existing record-holder for the lengthiest time of the uncharted chart. The Uncharted is getting admiration from the internet. Driven by craving to make the world spin, he valued for a larger spectators, BL3ND started giving out mix-tapes and sponsors in the year 2009. However, he had issues grasping people’s attention. In quest of another means of sharing his passion with the world, he began producing live videos of himself spinning and dancing with his energy filled, solid hitting beats in his signature of disguise- his mask.

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