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Benny Bennasi



Benny Benassi is an Italian DJ and record producer. He was born on July 13, 1967. His initial name was Marco Benassi, later he adopted a stage name Benny Benassi. He is best recognized for his 2003 summer club hit “Satisfaction”.



1980s- 2000s

He is a native of Milan and was upraised in Reggio Emilia. Benassi started DJing together with his cousin Alle Benassi in 1980s before shifting to Larry Pignagnoli’s production studio in the mid-1990s, producing music for several acts, comprising J.K. and Ally, Whigfield, & Jo. In the year 2001, Benassi released his first composition entitled “I Feel So Fine”, sung by Dhany. The track soon became #1 in the UK club charts.

“Satisfaction” took Benassi’s career to reach heights. He was admired by prominent DJs like Darren Emerson, Carl Cox and Roger Sanchez. In 2003, Benny released his solo debut album named Hypnotica for which he won the European Border Breakers Award.


Benassi often works with The Biz. He founded a group with cousin Alle, named Benassi Bros. A year from the release of his debut album Pumphonia marked their first full length release, and by the end of the year 2005, Benassi Bros. unleashed their second album …Phobia.

In 2005, Benassi created the record label Pump-Kin Music. The aim of this initiative is to give exposure to new talents.


In late 2007, Benassi exposed a remix “Bring the Noise”(Public Enemy’s). By February 2008, the track won a Grammy.

His next release was Rock ‘n’ Rave revealed on 16 June 2008.

In 2009, he worked on a remix “Celebration” with Madonna .On 28 October 2009, DJ Magazine listed him on #26 on world’s top 100 DJs

In 2010, Benny released “Electro Sixteen”, a video for Benassi vs. “Iggy Pop”. It was published by Ultra Records

May 2010 saw release of “Spaceship”, featuring, Kelis and Jean-Baptiste. It was selected as the Song of the Day on a website. The single was also registered at #18 on the UK Dance singles chart.

In January 2011, Benny released another music video for “Electroman” featuring T-Pain.

Benassi produced some more tracks “Beautiful People”, Chris Brown’s album F.A.M.E.(2011) and Electroman, released in June the similar year.

In 2012, Benassi again worked with Chris Brown and contributed to “Don’t Wake Me Up”.


Benny Bennasi



Some of his contributions in music world are:

  • Back to the Pump (2014)
  • Electroman (2011)
  • Rock ‘n’ Rave (2008)
  • …Phobia (2005)
  • Pumphonia (2004)
  • Hypnotica (2003)

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