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Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren

 The passionate DJ of the World

Yes, we’re talking about World’s best progressive Trance DJ: Armin Van Buuren. Armin was born on 25 December 1976 in Leiden, Holland. Armin is mainly famous for Uplifting Trance and progressive Trance. Armin is born perfectionist and had interest in music at an early age.



At the age of 14 he started making music. His cinematic music was inspired by French electronic music composer Jean Michel Jarre and Klaus Schulze. After his graduation he started working as DJ in Club Next. One of the close friends of Armin introduces him to the world of Dance music and also introduces him to the Dutch DJ and remixer Ben Liebrand. After meeting with Ben Liebrand, he became the inspiration of Armin.



Armin puts his all focus on the music and the crowd and those will combine and make him World’s #1 DJ 5 times based on DJ magazine Top 100 poll. Loyalty of his fans and rhythm of his own music bring an international success in his life.

In 1995, Armin released his first international hit with a track called “Blue Fear”. This track was released under the Cyber records label and this album was released when Armin was 19 years old. Another successful track of Armin was “Communication” and was released in 1999 in Ibiza, Spain which was enough to sign to AM:PMrecords. He also started his own label Armind in 1999.

Armin Van Burren


Success Story

In 2000, his first compilation album “A State of Trance” sold 10,000 copies. And later in this year he released many hits album. In March 2001, he Armin started his own radio show on ID&T Radio. In 2002 he placed at #5 position based on DJ magazine Top poll.

At the end of 2003 he completed his law and found time to set the worldwide record of longest DJ set. After that he releases his first non-mix CD, 76. Armin returned in 2013 with numerous mix albums. Armin performs at some of the world’s biggest and best festivals like Tomorrowland.

This busy life of Armin inspired many people. In 2009, Dutch author presented his biography in which he reported the secret behind Armin’s success and again this inspired lots of people. Armin deserves to become superstar DJ of the world. The main ingredient of Armin’s life will always be music. He feels music and this determination of Armin make him succeed.

“It’s not love for music, it’s a passion, and it goes beyond liking and beyond a hobby, it’s about a way of living…….Music is essential for my life.”

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